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Content Management Systems

  • Manage all your content from one platform.

  • Promote your products, advertise, and collect data
    from various digital channels.

  • Acquire new clients and grow your business.

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Innovative Content Management Systems for your Multichannel Strategy

Each CMS allows you to publish different sale items, real estate and auto listings, products, menus, or specials to certain consumer segments based on demographic, geographic, or past shopping behaviors. As shoppers browse, shop, or inquire, you gain the knowledge and understanding of which products and services interest them. Cashklick allows you to sell, market, and analyze data in a very simplistic manner–– it’s that simple.

  • Easy to create digital content

    With Cashklick, it's easy to create digital storefronts, pay online, publish digital circulars, catalogs, or menus. With our CMS, you get more information on who is visiting, what they are browsing, and you can retarget specific products to certain segments all in one simple to use platform.

  • Easy to Customize

    Each CMS comes standard with ways to customize so your business doesn't look cookie cutter. Cashklick provides tools to communicate, track, receive payment, target discounts, create a catalog, or even add a shopping cart. Customization allows users to create multiple versions that can be targeted to certain segments or individuals through various media channels like Facebook or mobile. Everyone can now have a different experience.

Powerful Yet Simple

Cashklick has truly customizable and targeted CMS that take the hassle out of content management. Cashklick works with industry experts to help design and create easy-to-use CMS that can promote your products where your clients can see them. Digital media is complex, your content should be relevant and give real results. Cashklick makes the content management maze simple to navigate. Now, you can reach the clients and consumers you want in a format they request.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Real time reporting comes standard with our CMS. Find out how your products are performing and which customers are viewing them. Understand what products and services perform best with each age demographic, location, and gender. Plus receive insights that help increase your bottom line.


CMS for any Business on Facebook, Website and Mobile:
E-commerce, Digital Circulars, Listings, Menus, Catalogs, and More


One Single Access Point

Manage your content accross channels from one single access point.

Multiple Publishing Channels

Enter your content once and publish to various media channels.

Add-ons available

An array of tools are available to help you perform the exact task that you need.

Latest Industry Insights

Get insights and plenty of information relevant to your industry.

Real Time

Change content and analyze reports on the fly with real-time technology.

Full Support Available

Whatever content you need to manage, Cashklick has experts to assist you.

Trusted by Our Clients

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